2020 Citroen C5 Front Design Exetrior and Changes
2020 Citroen C5 Front Design Exetrior and Changes

2020 Citroen C5 Rumors, Interior, Price and Release Date

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2020 Citroen C5 – It is the time for Citroen! The Auto Company has confirmed that the brand new Citroen C5 for the 2020 car model will be launched soon. In addition, they also talked that the launching place of this brand new mid-size sedan is in Europe. As a new car, it is for sure that this car will be equipped with so many fresh things with the updated technologies at the same time. That is why; it is so interesting to talk and see every change of the new Citroen C5 like what we will inform below.

2020 Citroen C5 New Exterior Design

Outside the car, we can see that some changes are made for the new Citroen C5. The 2020 Citroen C5 exterior will be designed with the updated taillights, headlights, and also the slightly revised front grille. The bumpers are also looked like different like what we can meet at the present time. Unfortunately, there is still not any further information and confirmation about the detail changes for the exterior of this car. We just need to wait and see until this car is launched or until the company gives it official confirmation.

2020 Citroen C5 Side View Image Model Design
2020 Citroen C5 Side View Image Model Design

2020 Citroen C5 Major Changes Inside the Cabin

Some people said that the new Citroen C5 only gets the minor changes for its exterior part. However, you will be interested to know that the 2020 Citroen C5 cabin or interior will get the more upgrades. Based on the rumors, the company will give an all-digital instrument cluster and also the 8-inch infotainment system. In addition, we pretty sure that the company will also apply only the best materials for the cabin such as the premium leathers. We may not forget about the safety features as well where now this feature is becoming a consideration of many people to choose a car. Read more: 2020 Cadillac Escalade Concept, Interior, Release Date, What Will The 2020 Cadillac Escalade Look Like?

2020 Citroen C5 New Interior Design and Changes
2020 Citroen C5 New Interior Design and Changes

2020 Citroen C5 Engine Specification

So, how about the 2020 Citroen C5 engine? Based on the rumor, it is said that this car will be equipped with the “turbocharged 1.6-liter engine” where this engine is able to create up to 165 horsepower or 123 kilowatts. Meanwhile, this engine also produces 245 Newton-meters (181 pound-feet) of torque. However, it is maybe not the only engine that will be used because there is still another engine option for this new car. That engine is the “1.8-liter machine” that can develop 201 horsepower or around 150 kW and 280 Nm or for about 2017 lb-ft for the torque. Based on the information, this power can make the new Citroen c5 accelerates from 0-62 mph in 9.8 seconds. Meanwhile, the more powerful model can complete this task in around 8.3 seconds.

2020 Citroen C5 Price and Release Date

2020 Citroen C5 New Color and Rear View Design
2020 Citroen C5 New Color and Rear-View Design

Unfortunately, there is not any information about when this car will be released by the company. However, the best possibility of the 2020 Citroen C5 release date is maybe in 2019. The price is also not clear because the company is not giving any confirmation about this yet. We ensure to inform you once we got the update.

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