2019 BMW X5 Side View Design in Performance
2019 BMW X5 Side View Design in Performance

Review of the BMW X5 2019, Exterior and Interior Design

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Review of the BMW X5 2019, Exterior and Interior Design – BMW cannot pioneer a luxury SUV, but for the past 20 years, X5 has determined its class. Inaugurated today, the redesigned BMW X5 represents the fourth generation. The most striking difference is in the front, with a larger version of the kidney brand signature grille that took an angular signal from last year’s X7 concept. Overall, the latest X5 is bigger than its third generation predecessor which debuted less than 5 years ago. It gets 1.6 inches in wheelbase, about one inch in length and height, and is 2.6 inches wide.

Review of the BMW X5 2019

The BMW X5 has now been released again in 2013 so you would expect it to last for a few more years. though, this is not the case. Why? Well, the car actually shares the foundation with the second generation which was released back in 2007. Since then the gear has been running, the engine and chassis remain as good as the same. This will change even though for the upcoming 2019 BMW X5 that will have nothing in normal with the current car. For starters, the new X5 will use a new platform, it will be more than likely to get a new set of machines and it will also be packaged a little differently. The result must be smoother and better to drive an SUV that will start again to drive a sports car quite well.

The new platform, exterior design

The most striking changes from the latest 2019 BMW X5 will be found in the basics. So, X5 will now use a BMW modular platform called the CLAR architecture. In addition, car manufacturers will use lighter materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber in their designs that will improve the general performance of the car.
Speaking of exterior design, the BMW X5 2019 will feature more displays that have changed and are more modern today. We can expect changes to the two fascias that will include a redesigned grille, lights and some changes to the bumper.

2019 BMW X5 Front View Design in Spy Shots Image
2019 BMW X5 Front View Design in Spy Shots Image


BMW will also change the new interior. To expand comfort, BMW will offer the latest adjustments. This will also improve performance and need not to be said to be a comfort level. So, everyone will not be bored driving this new SUV.

2019 BMW X5 Interior Design and Changes
2019 BMW X5 Interior Design and Changes

Talking about the interior of the BMW X5 2019, we can concentrate on premium quality materials that will be applied. In addition, you will also see various safety & safety characteristics such as the road to start helping, airbags, next, and there are still a few more. Read more: 2019 Jeep Cherokee Color Model, New Design and Gallery Photos


This new model is likely to be marketed in 2 nameplates, xDrive40i, and xDrive40d; with xDrive50i immediately available for the US and Canada. The basic decision will be the 3.0 inline-6 ?? engine with 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, with energy productivity combined at 27 miles per gallon. BMW will even provide a choice model that might feature a two-two 445 turbocharged hp engine with 480lb-ft of torque and energy productivity of 21 miles per gallon.


2019 BMW X5 Rear View Design Exterior
2019 BMW X5 Rear View Design Exterior

There are no official words that say about the release date and price. But from some news circulated through the site, the new BMW X5 2019 will go into production at one time in 2019. We expect a smaller higher price that has existed in its predecessor around $ 56,000.

With the design and outstanding performance, tons of challenges come, some of which are the Audi Q5, Acura MDX, Lexus RX 350, and Volkswagen Tuareg.

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