2019 CRV Sandstorm Metallic colors

What Exterior Colors are Available for the 2018-2019-2020 Honda CR-V?

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What are Exterior Colors Available for the 2018-2019-2020 Honda CR-V? – Honda is now preparing a new concept for the new project in the upcoming year. It is all about New Honda CR-V. This SUV car will have new innovation. It will be more attractive than the previous version of Honda CR-V. One main focus of Honda is the exterior and interior design of this new car. Especially, it will focus on its color variations. As you know, color is important for all car lovers because the car colors will represent the personality of the owner. Honda will offer up to 10 colors of this car. It will show each charm to you. The materials of the coloring for this new car are also using the best material and it would be better than the previous version. Here are 10 lovely colors of New Honda CR-V:

  1. Sandstorm Metallic

The first color that is offered by new Honda CR-V is Sandstorm Metallic. It is true if you imagine that this car will have the same color as the sand. This kind of color will look like it is between gold and grey. It will be suitable for you who look for a car with luxury physical appearance. The metallic color will increase its look to be more exclusive too.

2019 CRV Sandstorm Metallic colors

  1. Molten Lava Pearl

The second one is Molten Lava Pearl. If you heard the word “lava”, you must think that this car will be brightly red. Yes, it is definitely right! If you are cheerful and like something bright, this color will suit you a lot. This color will also match with you if you have nothing to fear because the car will look so brave but fantastic too.

2018 CRV Molten Lava Pearl color

  1. Basque Red Pearl II

For the third color, Honda gives it a name “Basque Red Pearl II”. The car with this color will look a bit mysterious. It happens because this color is as red as blood. If you like rose very much, this will definitely explain your favorite thing. If you compare this red one with Molten Lava Pearl, you will find it rather darker and classier than the second color.

2018 crv Basque Red Pearl II

  1. Obsidian Blue Pearl

The fourth color will be a favorite color of the boys. This new Honda CR-V with Obsidian Blue Pearl color has a masculine character. In a while, you may see the color as blue navy but it is not. This color comes lighter so that it does not lose its charm. However, this color is not created for men only. Some women may also love this new color because the blue color can be feminine too.

  1. Dark Olive Metallic

This kind of color will be the fifth color that is provided by Honda CR-V. The color’s name is Dark Olive Metallic. It will not be black as the olive skin but we will find it a little bit green. The car with this color is going to have a dark army green touch for its exterior. The color is very muscular because it is identical with the army things. If you like army stuffs, you must choose this color. The metallic finishing for this color also makes it gorgeous.

  1. Crystal Black Pearl

For the sixth color, we can say that it is purely black. The car with Crystal Black Pearl color will look so masculine. Plus, you must agree that most people love black very much. So, we can predict that this color is going to be bombastic. It will be popular among the old, the youth, and the family. Although it is black and masculine, many women will also be amazed at its shiny and dark appearance.

  1. Gunmetal Metallic

The seventh color is predicted to be king of the colors. This beautiful color looks like it is a combination of grey and black colors. The combination is successful to result in Gunmetal Metallic. It is so tough. This simple color will definitely describe that the owner is strong and cool. We can say that most people who are going to pick this color are mature men with mature taste. It will suit them a lot.

  1. Modern Steel Metallic

If you think that this color is just the same as the previous one, you are totally wrong! The Modern Steel Metallic is completely different from Gunmetal Metallic. This color will be much black than the previous car. Also, it is much more dashing. It has been expected that the buyer of this new color will be mostly men.

  1. Lunar Silver Metallic

For the ninth color, Honda CR-V provides one of the mainstream colors. The name will be Lunar Silver Metallic. Silver will never go wrong for all car lovers. No matter how old you are, how picky you are or even what your gender is, the silver color is still universal. The personality of people who pick this color is usually stuck in their comfort zone. Why? It happens because the color is suitable for any men or women in any situation.

  1. White Diamond Pearl

The last but not the least, the tenth color will be incredible. It is so fresh. No wonder that many teenagers fall in love with White Diamond Pearl. The color is so attractive and it looks so pretty. This car represents the owner who has an energetic personality. Also, if you are neat and love something clear, this color is yours. However, you must frequently clean your car with this kind of color. Though the best material is used, this color will look dirty more often.

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Now, the choice is yours. All of those 10 colors are available for you. The color does not always specify the gender but it speaks your personality. Through colors, you can express yourself and colors can define you very much. If you tend to be an all-day-excited person, you will pick bright colors such as Molten Lava Pearl or White Diamond Pearl. For you who are simple and cool, it is possible for you to have the car with the color of Gunmetal Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, or Crystal Black Pearl. Meanwhile, if you like something colorful but still you need some dark side of it, you are able to choose Basque Red Pearl II, Obsidian Blue Pearl, or Dark Olive Metallic. The Sandstorm Metallic and Lunar Silver Metallic are created for you who are straight in your mind that car must be silver or brown gold. At last, the youth who is energetic and fresh will definitely choose White Diamond Pearl.

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